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Eco Ambassador writing local environment issues during 1st workshop

By presenting science that is alive and relevant to the daily lives of students, the Eco Ambassadors Program is meant to engage our next generation youth in all places, so that they can begin educating their own communities about local environmental issues and start small steps to solving these issues with community action. It aims to engage interested participants in meaningful ways.

This website features various elements that make up our Education for Sustainable Development work and discussions within the Eco Ambassador Program network. Please continue to explore and reach out with any questions!

Environment in Action initiative of The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) within The Earth Institute at Columbia University came about as a means to apply the knowledge and research of Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory scientists at The Earth Institute to science curricula of schools and community centers in developing countries where the Center works in education spheres. 

It soon became clear that regardless of country and setting, every community of learners can benefit from environmental and sustainability education at homes, schools, businesses and communities.

The 2019 summer pilot began with Design for Change’s Feel-Imagine-Do-Share based projects, where youth observed their surroundings and identified environmental issues to which they felt strongly connected. Based on the topic of choice, research and problem-solving began. Action plan and potential solutions were presented at the 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Development, in partnership with Sustainable Development Solutions Network's Global Schools Program.

As of Fall 2019, CSD's lessons from the Eco Ambassador summer pilot and discussions on expanding education for sustainable development (ESD) helped re-strategize the approach for 2019-2020 Eco Ambassador Program. The key framework for components of the program is illustrated below.

Eco Ambassador program goal venn diagram

So, what does it take to be an Eco Ambassador? The Program leaves room for flexibility to accommodate participation from various geographical locations and age groups, there are main core activities the Eco Ambassadors are requested to continue to be an Eco Ambassador.

  • Passion and commitment to make things happen!
  • Sign up and express interest in participating
  • Join the listserv to receive monthly updates
  • Join 1-2 hour online workshop every month
  • Join 1 online talk every month
  • Take on 1 community project (duration and scope that best fits you)
  • Write 1 blog post on your project, experience or takeaways from being an Eco Ambassador

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