Building Knowledge

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The scientists, educators, experts and students in our Eco Ambassador network conduct research to investigate issues that are close to their hearts and homes. This ranges from lab work to desk research on microplastics found in local water ways (New York, New Jersey, US), fluoride testing in community water supply (Alirajpur, India), behavioral surveys and experiments whose findings lay a foundation for our curriculum and discussions. Find out more in our Document Library.

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Our Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) curriculum emerged as a means to address the need we saw in merging science knowledge and practical skills to real issues we encountered in the USA, India, Myanmar, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria as we implemented projects. The curriculum development and curation process reaffirmed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be a great reference for framing the issues the curricula addresses. 

The curriculum includes a collection of videos found in the Video Library, Activity Guide, and Summer Projects.