This spot is for you to find and share curriculum, activities, videos and conversations related to education for sustainable development, projects and ideas!

STEAM Activities

Logo for Home Energy Audit Activity

How much energy do we use? Join by watching the workshop video & this exercise to understand our energy use, linked environmental issues & actions we can take. 

Writing Activities

Child's hand drawing on chalkboard
Futures of Education?

UNESCO invites you to share your thoughts about how education can be used to shape the future of humanity and the planet.

​Submit your thoughts and ideas by clikcing the link below!

Communication Activities

Arts & Crafts Activities

Kids drawing challenge call on COVID-19 facts
Draw COVID-19 Facts Challenge

Stay connected during this overwhelming time. Watch a talk given by public health expert Dr.Yanis Ben Amor on the pandemic and read some information while you think of what you will draw for the drawing challenge put forth by the illustrator Weiman Kow.

Reading Activities

Book cover of Mystery of the Missing Soap
Children's Storybooks

Here are some children's storybooks to share with your families & peers & students as we continue to go through COVID-19. My Hero is You and Mystery of the Missing Soap