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2024 Summer Eco Ambassadors Solutions Lab

July 1, 2024 - August 30, 2024
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
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Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) & SDGs Today's Annual Summer Program

2024: Oceans, Rivers, and Water Bodies in our Backyard

The theme for this year's program is centered around SDG 6, SDG 13, and SDG 14. We invite students keen on delving into water and micro-plastic science, engaging with experts, students, policymakers, and more to apply for this enlightening program. The program is entirely virtual and is provided free of charge for participating students. Final projects/solutions are required to be submitted in the ArcGIS StoryMap format, and licenses will be awarded to students who actively participate in the sessions.

This year's program is sponsored by New Jersey Sea Grant with partnership and collaboration with New York Sea Grant !



More About the Eco Ambassadors Solutions Lab

The Eco Ambassadors Solutions Lab is a dynamic and immersive virtual initiative designed for high school students passionate about environmental sustainability, global citizenship, and technical skills development. Organized annually by SDGs Today and the Center for Sustainable Development, Columbia University, this global eight-week program aims to empower students with a comprehensive understanding of local sustainability challenges and their intersection with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through a blend of interactive virtual sessions, digital hands-on activities, and technical training, students will explore geospatial technologies and data-driven research, global citizenship, sustainable development, digital storytelling, and engage with experts while gaining valuable insights into how these tools and knowledge can be leveraged for achieving sustainability.

About the Program

The program embraces a bottom-up learning approach, enabling students to guide conversations, exchange ideas with their peers, prioritize relevant themes and skills, and create solutions that enhance their local settings. The Eco Ambassadors Solutions Lab comprises seven key components designed to introduce knowledge and skills not typically found in traditional school curricula. Central to the program is education on sustainable development, interwoven with tools and technologies that facilitate actionable solutions. Our interactive format leverages various platforms to deliver the program: • Zoom: Used for live sessions, discussions, and virtual office hours;
• Google Classroom: serves as the repository for all educational materials, learning resources, and recordings of live content. It encourages self-learning at students’ own pace and includes guides for teachers;
• ArcGIS: Utilized for geospatial analysis and the development of final projects; and
• Slack: Facilitates peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and discussions.

Key Components
1. Sustainability and Climate Knowledge: Explore the concept of sustainable development, understand how individual actions contribute to global goals, and take action towards addressing sustainability issues and achieving the SDGs on local and global scales.
2. Technical Training: Acquire practical skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other technologies through interactive workshops. Learn how to use data tools for mapping, data analysis, and problem-solving in the context of sustainable development issues.
3. Citizen Science: Prioritize the invaluable contribution of local knowledge and data collected by community members
4. Expert Networks: Engage with experts in the field through virtual webinars covering diverse topics related to sustainable development and the role of GIS in addressing global challenges.
5. Mentorship: Benefit from the guidance and mentorship provided by experts across various fields.
6. Digital Storytelling: Present your final project in a StoryMap format, showcasing your new skills and solutions with peers, mentors, and the wider community, by employing data tools.
7. Global Citizenship: Become global leaders and advocates for local and global change.

1. Technical Skills Development: Acquire practical data and analytical skills applicable to real-world challenges.
2. Collaborative Learning: Collaboration with peers on real-world projects to address sustainability challenges, developing problem-solving skills and gaining hands-on experience in creating impactful solutions.
3. Certificate of Completion: Receive a certificate recognizing your successful participation and accomplishments in the program upon meeting program requirements.

This program is virtual, global, and free of charge, provideing a unique opportunity for high school students to join a global network to make a positive impact, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to address sustainability challenges. Join us on this virtual journey towards a sustainable future, now!

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