Projects & Chapters

Thank you for your interest in scaling your knowledge and passion from this network above & beyond!

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If you'd like to take your Eco Ambassador activism to another level, you can

  1. Start your own project
  2. Join an existing chapter or start your own chapter
  3. Both! Maybe you are planning to merge the 2 things. 

This can be done at schools (clubs, green teams, extra curricular activities) or at home/neighborhood (family, friends, peers, social gathering). 

You can use Eco Ambassador materials and resources to start and share with your group, or take on a project with Eco Ambassador network as your support and collaborator. There is flexibility and endless possibilities in how the project and your chapter could look!

Here are some elements you can start thinking about and exploring, to build your chapter or your project.

Diagram of actions that may help to create a new chapter/project

While you are free to initiate and shape the projects as you'd like, you are not expected to take on the challenge on your own.

Connect with Eco Ambassador Program team and fellow Eco Ambassadors and those in your personal, social, academic and professional networks for joint efforts and support! Here is a MANUAL to guide you.

Previous Eco Ambassador projects have included research with related activism for: single-use plastic ban through awareness campaign reaching township and school leadership, local businesses; investigating magnitude of microplastics issue by collecting organisms in local oceanfront; testing green roofs for energy efficiency; creating and using eco-bricks to build community facility; community water wells fluoride testing and more!

You can check the details in our Video Library and YouTube channel!